Hillview Assembly of God
Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Wednesday Bible Study

Wednesday Bible Study is something for the whole family.  We have a Bible study class for the adults, as well as kids and teen classes too. It starts at 7pm and usually lasts about an hour.  Its a great
time to get deeper in the Word of God.  You'd be surprised about what you can learn that you didn't know,
and maybe even remember what you have forgotten was in the Bible.  Come
 out and join us!    
          Grade School 
    These classes are for ages 7-11.  There is one for boys and one for girls.  The classes have bible lessons as well as crafts and activities they do each week.
         Adult class
     Our adult bible study class is in the Sanctuary on Wednesday nights.  This class is usually led by pastor
Mike and Marsha Brown!  It is a casual setting so
don't feel like you need to come in from work and
get all dressed up.  Come out and join us in
learning how to live a successful Christian life.  See you there!            
We have a teen class on Wednesday nights we call REVAMP. 
its for ages 12 and up.  This is a fast moving hour that covers games, Bible study, Prayer, and of coarse food!
Check out the REVAMP youth page for more info!
Kid's Class
    Our kindergarten and under kids have a class too.  Kids are never too young to start learning about God.  They may be little but you would be surprised what they can remember!  School may teach them how to read and write but they sure aren't teaching them about the love of Jesus!  We want to fix that.  They have stories and activities they do and it is always a fun time for them!